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The best results come from both exercise and nutrition

At Efficient Results Fitness and Nutrition, we know that the best results come from both exercise and nutrition. And that is why we are here to help you with both. By addressing both exercise and nutrition, our clients can achieve their health and fitness goals, becoming leaner, stronger, and healthier versions of themselves.
Nutrition coaching includes the initial nutrition assessment, custom nutritional strategy, ongoing follow-ups, as needed adjustment of the nutrition strategy, access to our web app to track progress, unlimited in-app messaging, and constant support from your online nutrition coach.

An App That Works With You

How our Nutrition Coaching Works

Once you are set-up for the app and the documents are complete, you complete an online nutritional consultation with your online nutrition coach. During the session, we discuss your goals, review information provided in your intake documents, and begin to delve into why you have been unable to achieve your goals. The exact topics covered vary based on your goals and needs.


Dependent on the nature of your goals, you will complete steps that allow us to create your healthy fitness nutrition plan, including but not limited to nutrition tracking for up to two weeks, submitting body stat data, and providing information about food preferences.

At this point, the process is entirely customized to the client. This means all follow-ups, messages, and interactions will address the unique issues the client presents. No two people are the same, nor are their goals, barriers, and other situational factors, such as fitness level. For this reason, we cannot state exactly what will happen during the rest of the process, except to say you will have follow-ups, review and adjustment of your nutrition strategy, ongoing communication via the app, and our full attention to help you reach your goals.

During the entire process, you have 24-7 access your us via messages. We generally respond within a few hours but will respond in no more than 24 hours.


Your nutrition coach is also here to help you navigate any questions or additional nutrition needs you may have such as identifying proper portions, food timing, recipes and more.

If you still have questions, feel free to book a complimentary consultation to learn more. We will match you with the  perfect fitness plan.